Ornamental Spraying


Our fertilizer has a super strong micro-nutrient package that enables plants to look amazing all year and put on a show when it is time to bloom!

Unfortunately, most ornamental plants are susceptible to insect attack and damage. This can leave foliage disfigured, disabling the plants ability to optimize sugar production during photosynthesis. This results in lower amounts of energy in plants which robs the vibrancy of color and blooming dramatically.

Eradication is not a viable plan of attack against these pest. Suppression is a much better plan as eliminating all pest in the landscape is vertically impossible. Spraying mild pesticides is a great way to reduce insect pressure and enhance the aesthetic quality of your landscape.

If your noticing yellowing or orange spots or blotch on your leaves, chew marks or tears on leaves or stems, call us today for an assessment. We can diagnosis these issues correctly which is the first step in proper treatment to giving you back brighter blooms!

In our area, popular ornamentals such as camillias, sesanquas, gardenias and azaleas really promotes greening and flower production. At Top Notch, we use a specialty formulated fertilizer that is much more than the stuff your grandpa used to use.