Pre-Construction Consultations


It is of upmost importance to have a certified arborist on site to assess trees before construction begins. Before building or performing site work contact our certified arborist to ensure your trees stay healthy for years to come!

Few things will cause trees to decline like damage that is caused during the construction process. After a preservation plan is drafted and implemented, the trees have an exponentially higher chance of survival. Typically trees are managed by only what can be seen. What I mean is, no regard is given to the root system which is in most cases what takes the most significant impact during the construction process. Once the root system is compromised to a certain degree, it is very difficult to rejuvenate a mature tree. Keep in mind, most builders, site clearing company’s, etc have very little knowledge on how expansive and shallow tree root systems can be. They may mean well but can give improper advice due to their lack of tree knowledge.
Grade changes are no different. Adding soil to the existing grade or removing soil can have an adverse impact on surrounding trees. Changing the water runoff pattern can have the same effect.